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July 28, 2008


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I've taught college-level essay writing for some time now, but I never had to take an SAT test myself. So, it is surprising to me that the first paragraph should go straight to the point as soon as possible. I love that. I teach this myself. What's the point of wasting time?
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Yes, the 5-paragraph form should be so darn easy. Why do people fail it so often?

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Ahhhh... I remember this part of my SAT examination. I can never forget it because it's the worst part, in my opinion. There's no way you can review for a writing test. You just have to let your brain work and do what you practiced. Thanks for this tip, by the way. If ever someone would take an SAT, this would be very helpful.

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Glad to have you back. I agree that writing should be mastered if you are gearing up for the SAT. Kudos for the tips.

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Great stuff, you got me as a reader now. I love EVERYTHING about it! Please keep writing!

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